Saturday, June 13, 2020

N.D. Cal. - Google Countersues Sonos for Infringement of Five US Patents

On June 11, Google countersued Sonos for infringement of US patents related to mesh networks, echo cancellation, digital rights management, content notification and search:
  • 7,899,187 Domain-based digital-rights management system with easy and secure device enrollment 
  • 8,583,489 Generating a media content availability notification
  • 10,140,375 Personalized network searching
  • 7,065,206 Method and apparatus for adaptive echo and noise control
  • 10,229,586 Relaying communications in a wireless sensor system
See Patently Apple article: The Sonos vs. Google Court Battle has Escalated with Google filing a Countersuit yesterday in a California Court

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