Wednesday, November 8, 2023

USPTO - November 15 New Date for Patent Center Replacing EFS-Web and Private PAIR

Yesterday, the USPTO announced that November 15, 2023 is its new date for Patent Center replacing EFS-Web and Private PAIR 

Seven days is not close to sufficient time to address the problems with the Patent Center software. 

For details why see, e.g., Mr. David Boundy's article in IP Watchdog Patent Center Delay—Good Start, or More Entrenched, Magical Thinking?

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Sunday, November 5, 2023

IP Watchdog - Patent Community Slams USPTO’s Rush to Retire Old Software Systems Despite Patent Center Problems

Eileen McDermott, Editor-in-Chief of IP Watchdog, summarizes reaction to the USPTO's decision for Patent Center to replace Private PAIR and EFS on November 8, 2023: 

It might be wise to keep Private PAIR and EFS as a "safety net" for applicants until the Patent Center software is reasonably debugged, right? Private PAIR and EFS have worked well for years.  

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