Wednesday, January 15, 2020

USPTO - New Toolkit for those new to PTAB Proceedings

Today, the USPTO announced a Toolkit for those new to Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) proceedings:

"We are committed to expanding resources available to individual inventors, small businesses, and those new to or with limited experience with the patenting process. As part of that effort, PTAB has prepared a New to PTAB toolkit available on the PTAB webpage of the USPTO website.

The toolkit contains a wide variety of information about the Board and its proceedings. For example, the toolkit walks through the basics of how to file an ex parte appeal to seek review of a final rejection made by an examiner. The toolkit also details the various steps involved in post-grant proceedings, such as an inter partes review, and what options the parties have at each step to make their case. Additionally, the toolkit features videos and frequently asked questions including how to prepare for and present arguments at an oral hearing. Best of all, the toolkit provides points of contact for follow-up questions.

Check out the New to PTAB toolkit today. If you have suggestions on additional resources that we can make available regarding PTAB proceedings, please email us at"

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