Friday, December 7, 2018

WIPO - World Intellectual Property Indicators 2018 - Global IP Activity

WIPO recently published the World Intellectual Property Indicators 2018. It is detailed 231-page  look at global IP (e.g., patent and trademark) activity:

From the Foreword:

"Against the backdrop of solid economic growth worldwide, global intellectual property (IP) filing activity set new records in 2017. Patent filings around the world reached 3.17 million, representing a 5.8% growth on 2016 figures. Trademark filing activity totaled 12.39 million, up 26.8% on 2016. Industrial design filing activity exceeded 1.24 million. China remained the main driver of global growth in IP filings. From already high levels, patent filings in China grew by 14.2% and trademark filing activity in China by 55.2%. These high growth rates propelled China’s shares of global patent filings and trademarks filing activity to reach 43.6% and 46.3%, respectively. Japan (+24.2%) and the United States of America (+12.6%) also saw strong growth in trademark filing activity. However, both of those countries recorded almost no growth in patent filings. The Republic of Korea saw a decline in filing activity for patents and trademarks for the second consecutive year. Other notable trends include large increases in trademark filing activity in the Islamic Republic of Iran (+87.9%), the United Kingdom (+24.1%) and Canada (+19.5%). With regard to industrial design filing activity, the United Kingdom (+92.1%), Spain (+23.5%) and Switzerland (+17.9%) saw double-digit growth in 2017."

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