Thursday, January 1, 2015

Zachary Crockett - The Man Who Invented Scotch Tape

Happy New Year! Here's an article by Zachary Crockett The Man Who Invented Scotch Tape.

Zachary is a gifted storyteller, and his article about 3M's Richard Drew convinced me to buy his coauthored book Hipster Business Models: How to make a living in a modern world.

Here's the tail end of the article:

"In 1980, at age 81, Richard Drew passed away. He’d spent more than 40 years at 3M as an inventor, two decades more as a contractor, and had 30 patents to his name.
Today, the technologies he created in Pro-Fab Labs account for more than 20 percent of 3M’s sales. His Scotch Transparent Tape remains the crown jewel of 3M’s immense, multi-billion dollar product line, and can be found in nearly 90% of American homes.

But Drew’s legacy extends deeper than the manifestation of a physical product, says old co-worker Paul E. Hansen.The reward for persistence is internal,” he writes. "The person who is persistent and eventually succeeds is usually only recognized for accomplishing the feat; seldom does anyone appreciate all that went into making the success a reality."

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