Tuesday, May 16, 2017

PWC - 2017 Patent Litigation Study - Change on the Horizon?

Tonight, I recommend reading Price Waterhouse Cooper's 2017 Patent Litigation Study - Change on the Horizon? Here are few findings of the PWC study with my comments:
  1. In 2016, US patent cases dropped 9% from 2015. Thus, we continue the downward trend in patent cases filed from 2013. Lobbyists pushing the "out of control patent litigation button" to persuade Congress to pass more anti-patent reform may have a credibility issue.
  2. Patent owners saw a 74% success rate in jury trials and 52% success rate in bench trials in 2016. This rate of success at trial was surprising, but is a subset of patent owners that overcame pre-trial motions, summary judgment and challenges in AIA trials.
  3. The median damage award of $10.2M in 2015 has decreased to $6.1M in 2016.
  4. The median jury award ;was 15 times greater than median bench awards in last five years. Give that fact, I am not sure why any patent owner wouldn't request a jury trial.
  5. Jury trials to bench trials have increased from 75/25 in 2015 to 80/20 in 2016. The report states the increase in jury trials is due to their larger awards and success rates.
  6. Medical devices and telecommunications median awards are significantly higher than other technologies such as consumer products. 
  7. Top five districts for patent cases filed: ED Texas, Delaware, Northern District of California, Illinois Northern, and New York Southern.
  8. Damage awards for non-practicing entities (NPEs) are 3.8 times greater than for practicing entities. This is surprising given the negative press about "patent trolls" that should undermine jury damage awards to NPEs.
The PWC study is based on the Lexis Advanced database and 2,446 district court decisions since 1997.

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