Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Eric Spangenberg - Have We Hit Bottom in the Patent Market?

In the IP Watchdog article: Have We Hit Bottom in the Patent Market? Mr. Eric Spangenberg gives his frank assessment of what has adversely impacted the US patent market:

"Big tech used small companies hit with abusive lawsuits as the 'poster boy' to push through changes that do far more to help big companies efficiently infringe 'little guys' intellectual property than they do to prevent abuse. The market is still struggling to adapt to the rule changes that were pushed through in the AIA."

I would add companies have not been transparent on the funding of academic papers, studies, and articles in the press. Often the studies have lots of numbers, surveys, and statistics. The authors should disclose if they are compensated. Otherwise, these publications get presented to Congress right before hearings as objective evidence from disinterested observers of a problem that requires further patent reform.

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