Sunday, July 26, 2015

USPTO - Electronic Filing System (EFS-Web) FAQs - Each PDF File Limited to 25 MB

The EFS-Web has made life slightly easier, but it strikes me as quirky. Let me give a few examples. Recently, I received larger files (e.g., over 30 MB) to submit in an information disclosure statement. Even if my email server didn't return them as undeliverable it made me consider if they could be uploaded to the USPTO. Google search pulled up the USPTO EFS-Web FAQs web page that says each PDF copy must not exceed 25 MB. I can't think of too many web sites that would tolerate the hours of downtime each weekend to perform maintenance. I don't want to be sound like a curmudgeon, but even the lingo is a bit confusing. As stated in the FAQs a person cannot file in EFS-Web Contingency during scheduled EFS-Web outages" because "EFS-Web and EFS-Web Contingency share a common backend system." Wait why is it called contingency? Oh yeah weekend maintenance trumps contingency. Don't make me think!

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