Tuesday, September 30, 2014

USPTO - America Invents Act Virtual Marking & Satellite Reports

The USPTO submitted its Virtual Marking Report (September 16) and Satellite Office Report (September 29) to Congress.

As stated in the USPTO press release: "In the Virtual Marking Report, the agency addressed the effectiveness of virtually marking an article with the word "patent" or abbreviation "pat." followed by a website address where the article is associated with the relevant protective patents as an alternative to physically marking the article with the patent information. The Report also addressed whether virtual marking has limited or improved the public's access to patent information along with potential legal issues that arise from virtual marking. Lastly, the agency considered possible deficiencies in constructive notice arising from virtual marking as compared with physical marking. Information contained in the Virtual Marking Report was drawn from public input provided in response to a Federal Register Notice.

In the Satellite Office Report, the agency explained the criteria used to select the location of its four satellite offices as well as the process and timing to build out those offices. The Report also delved into the achievements of the satellite offices, including their impact on the patent application backlog and pendency, examiner recruitment and retention, and stakeholder outreach.

The PTO has one final AIA report to complete dealing with the agency's overall implementation of the AIA. That report is not due until September 2015."

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