Sunday, September 14, 2014

US Supreme Court - Alice v. CLS Bank - Software Inventions Patent Eligible Under 35 USC 101

The Supreme Court decision Alice v. CLS Bank on patent eligibility of software related inventions continues to generate controversy and loads of critical commentary. Here's a sample:

Some argue Alice greatly impacted software patenting. For example, Supreme Court ruling has wiped out 11 " do it on a computer" patents so far, and The Ramifications of Alice: A Conversation with Mark Lemley

Some argue it hasn't or the impact is unclear: For patent litigants, Court affirms status quo, Supreme Court leaves patent protection for software intact, and The uncertain expansion of judge-made exceptions to patentability

While other articles advise on how to obtain software patents despite the Alice decision: Alice v. CLS Bank: Supreme Court Issues Decision in Alice Corp. V. CLS Bank,  and How to Correctly Apply the Alice Examination Guidance

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