Monday, September 29, 2014

Apple is Being Sued for Infringing 13 SanDisk Patents

Tonight, check out Apple is Being Sued for Infringing 13 SanDisk Patents. This article caught my attention because the title makes it appear SanDisk is suing a customer, but instead it is a story about non-practicing entities in Europe that purchased some of SanDisk's flash memory patents and are busy trying to monetize the patents.

As stated in the article: "Ireland's Longitude Licensing Ltd and Luxembourg's Longitude Flash Memory Systems S.a.r.l. have filed a joint patent infringement lawsuit against Apple. The lawsuit involves a whopping 13 counts of infringement covering most iDevices and iPod models. The plaintiffs are using former SanDisk patents that they now own against Apple."

If Apple products use SanDisk flash memory, it makes me wonder why patent exhaustion, implied licensing and/or laches won't become an issue.

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