Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Conversant Offers Help: Patent Troll Letter or Notice Letter?

Tonight, Conversant's ad on IP Watchdog asks if we have received a patent troll letter. Here's what Conversant offers:

1. A quiz, a video, two articles, and two letters to help us understand the difference between a patent troll demand letter (bogus) from a patent notice letter (legit);

2. An opportunity to share one's patent troll experiences with others; and

3. An opportunity to see a streaming RPX ad and Professor Rubin Feldman's quote that 70% of VC-backed startups have received a demand letter.

Unfortunately, I don't feel like taking a quiz or sharing with others at 11 pm. Also not to fixate on a typo, but it's Professor Robin Feldman not Rubin.

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