Saturday, August 9, 2014

AIPLA's Response to Request for Guidance Pertaining to Patent Eligible Subject Matter (re:Alice)

As a follow up to how the USPTO will interpret software patent eligibility post-Alice, the AIPLA has published its comments:

AIPLA Reponse to "Request for Comments and Extension of Comment Period on Examination Instruction and Guidance Pertaining to Patent Eligible Subject Matter (re: Alice), July 31, 2014

Because those against software patents may consider the Alice decision a victory, it is worth reading the AIPLA's comments. Beside being I think the largest organization of US patent attorneys, its moderate views are more likely to be adopted by the USPTO.

Note it is becoming apparent many of the criticisms against patenting software inventions could be made against patents in general. So why the attack on software patents? Big tech lobbying by the incumbents.

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