Sunday, May 4, 2014

USPTO - Glossary Pilot Program

The USPTO is launching a Glossary Pilot Program to study how a glossary in the specification of a patent application may facilitate examination and ultimately improve the clarity of the patent claims.

The Glossary Pilot Program will run for six months from June 2, 2014 or until the USPTO accepts 200 petitions to be in the program, whichever is first, and may be modified and/or renewed for another six months after that.

The big hurdle is one of subject matter. To be eligible for the program, the application must be classified under Technology Centers 2100 (computer architecture, software & information security), 2400 (computer networking, multiplexing, cable, and security) 2600 (communications), or 3600 (business methods).

Applications writing a glossary and accepted into the program will get expedited processing for up to the first Office action. It might make sense if you can write the glossary so it does not become a claim construction tool for defendant's use at the Markman hearing.

For the details see the Federal Register Notice Glossary Pilot Program

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