Saturday, April 12, 2014

SCOTUSblog - GW Law Professor Orin Kerr - US Supreme Court

In the last decade the U.S. Supreme Court has been granting certiorari on patent cases at an increasing rate. And the cases can have a long term impact on patent law. Thus, it is useful to step back and consider how the Court operates, the value of predictability in the law, the politics of the decisions, and how a generalist court contends with technology. It is especially important as the Court works through a standard for what computer implemented inventions are patentable in Alice v. CLS Bank

SCOTUSblog is publishing a five-part interview with former Supreme Court clerk, now Professor Orin Kerr of George Washington Law School that gives real insight into the Court:

SCOTUSblog on camera: Orin Kerr – Part one

SCOTUSblog on camera: Orin Kerr – Part four

I will update after Part five is published.

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