Monday, April 14, 2014

Patent Bolt - Google Patent Applications - Smart Contact Lenses

Patent Bolt states the USPTO published Google seven patent applications describing smart contact lenses in An Avalanche of New Google Contact Lens Patents Come to Light. That's a smart way to expand the market for Google Glass, right? And it may also help with people who don't like Google Glass, as long as the user keeps the public at a "undetectable distance" while he or she snaps photos with the camera embedded in the contact lenses.

More seriously, the smart contact lenses could have real value in certain contexts. As stated in Patent Bolt: a blind person wearing Google's contact lens with a built-in camera may be walking on a sidewalk and approaching an intersection. The analysis component of the contact lens #265 (noted further below) can process the raw image data of the camera to determine a blind person is approaching intersection with a crosswalk and establish that there is a car approaching the intersection.

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