Thursday, March 6, 2014

Stanford Technology Law Review - Design Patents in the Modern World

Design patents have become an important topic in US patent law. Formerly viewed as the "weak sister" of utility patents, the large damage awards in design patent infringement cases such as Apple v. Samsung have a way of changing everybody's mind.

Today, Ms. Anna Sallstrom, Editor in Chief, Stanford Technology Law Review, sent an email that the Stanford Technology Law Review has published the presentations given in Design Patents in the Modern World conference held at Stanford Law School in 2013:

Progress and Competition in Design
by Mark McKenna & Katherine Strandburg

Functionality and Graphical User Interface Design Patents
by Michael Risch

Virtual Designs
by  Jason Du Mont & Mark Janis

(R)evolution in Design Patentable Subject Matter: The Shifting Meaning of “Article of Manufacture”
by Andrew Torrance & William Seymour

A Rational System of Design Patent Remedies
by Mark Lemley

Overlapping Intellectual Property Doctrines: Election of Rights Versus Selection of Remedies
by Laura Heymann

Design Patents: Law Without Design
by Peter Lee & Madhavi Sunder

Moving Beyond the Standard Criticisms of Design Patents
by Sarah Burstein

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