Thursday, January 2, 2014

USPTO Software Partnership - Berkeley, CA - October 17, 2013 - More Details

If you are seeking to see where the USPTO is heading on software related inventions, you may want to go back to October 17, 2013 when the USPTO hosted its Software Partnership meeting at the U.C. Berkeley School of Law in Berkeley, California.

When it was first announced, the USPTO didn't give much detail, but presented the meeting as an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss how to enhance the quality of software related patents.

The USPTO now has a lot more detail, including over 3.5 hours videos of the meetings (Part 1:  Software Partnership Meeting 17 October 2013 (length 1:28:31), Part 2:  Software Partnership Meeting 17 October 2013 (length 2:16:07)), a topic list, the White House Action plan, and many comments from the public. See the USPTO videos, topics, and public comments (HERE).

Ms. Michele Lee emphasized many of these topics during her presentation at the Advanced Patent Law Institute in December 2013. If Ms. Lee is appointed the USPTO Director, these topics (e.g., functional claiming, required glossaries, etc.) may be part of what one will need to understand in pursuing U.S. patents on software related inventions.

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