Monday, December 9, 2013

Stanford Technology Law Review - Design Patents in the Modern World

The Stanford Technology Law Review appears to have joined Berkeley Technology Law Journal as a leader in law review coverage on emerging intellectual property topics.

One emerging topic in US patent law is design patents. The huge damage awards for infringement of design patents in Apple v. Samsung raised the importance of seeking design patents. It also highlighted the need to better understand the law surrounding the patentability, infringement, and remedies of design patents.

Today, Ms. Anna Sallstrom, Editor in Chief, Stanford Technology Law Review, sent me an email noting that STLR is publishing the presentations given in Design Patents in the Modern World conference held at Stanford Law School in 2013. Specifically, the following eight articles by leading scholars will be available online at this winter:

A Response to the Standard Criticisms of Design Patents
by Sarah Burstein

Rights, Remedies, and the Doctrine of Election
by Laura Heymann

Virtual Designs
by Mark Janis & Jason Du Mont

A Rational System of Design Patent Remedies
by Mark Lemley

Functionality and Graphical User Interface Design Patents
by Michael Risch

Progress and Competition in Design
by Katherine Strandburg & Mark McKenna

Law Without Design
by Madhavi Sunder & Peter Lee
(R)evolution in Design Patentable Subject Matter: The Shifting Meaning of “Article of Manufacture”
by Andrew Torrance & William Seymour

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