Friday, October 4, 2013

Professor Robin Feldman - Prolific Patent Scholar

If you follow this blog, you know I like to read and post late at night. One of my "late night discoveries" after I started blogging was Professor Robin Feldman. I had met her husband Boris Feldman, a partner WSGR, as an associate in 1993 -1998. Boris had all of our respect (despite the toys in the office) because of his brilliance in fending off opportunistic SEC claims. A typical result for Boris? Case dismissed. No discovery, just dismissed. Someone mentioning his wife was a law professor at UC Hastings, but that's all I remembered ... I was too busy.

So when I stumbled across The Giants Among Us on the rise of patent aggregators and saw one of the authors was a UC Hastings law professor Robin Feldman ... I thought wait is this Boris' wife? As I read Giants, I was stunned. It was a tour de force and gave many fresh details regarding Intellectual Ventures, a firm that has been shrouded in secrecy. The fact research was excellent. It followed she had graduated second in her class at Stanford Law school.

Tonight, when I saw UC Hastings law school had an article Robin Feldman: Shaping Patent Policy Through Scholarship noting her influential law review articles in recent years, I was not surprised. I appreciate her scholarship and hope it continues well into the future. She strikes me as someone who is relentlessly investigating and reporting on the challenges of US patent law, something we need before Congress passes "helpful" bills for the sake of the US economy. Thus, reading her articles is much a better starting point to understanding today's challenges than the agenda set forth by corporate lobbyists.

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