Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Samsung v. Apple - ITC Bans Importing and Selling AT&T iPhones 3, 3GS, and 4, and AT&T 3G Compatible iPads and iPads 2

Today, the ITC ruled Apple cannot import or sell AT&T compatible iPhones 3, 3GS, and 4, and AT&T 3G-compatible iPads and iPads 2 due to infringement of Samsung Electronics' U.S. Patent No. 7,706,348,which relates to encoding/decoding a transport format combination indicator in CDMA communications. Not sure if Apple sells these older products, but Apple plans to appeal to the Federal Circuit. Thanks to Alan Cooper for this news.

For details see CNN Money Apple banned from selling some iPhones and iPads after Samsung patent win

Also see FOSS Patents Here's the ITC letter instructing U.S. customs to start seizing older iPhones, iPads in 60 days

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