Saturday, June 1, 2013

Flatworld Interactive v. Apple - Was Apple Betrayed by Former Attorney at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius?

Mr. Joe Mullin wrote an investigative article based on court documents unsealed in the Flatworld Interactive v. Apple patent infringement case that is surprising if true. Email logs appear to show one of Apple's outside law firms Morgan, Lewis & Bockius had an attorney who help formulate a patent attack against Apple just days after the iPhone was revealed to the world. The attorney claims that MLB's General Counsel knew and he had no access to Apple confidential information. Apparently, the attorney's wife took the lead in seeking to monetize the patent, but the attorney may have assisted and together they own or owned 35% of the patent owner.

For details see Mr. Mullin's article Apple, betrayed by its own law firm - Lawyer-turned- "troll" started planning patent suit six days after iPhone launch. It will be interesting to see how this develops. Apple seeks to disqualify Flatworld's attorneys.

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