Friday, October 12, 2012

Joe Mullin - People's Choice for Patent Journalist

Joe Mullin writes about patent law as it might appear in People magazine. But let's also give him credit: (1) he has own views based on fact research; (2) he dutifully trudges into "patent land" often enough to not get lost; and (3) he captures what's funny, human, or interesting in a topic that has the potential to bore people. His articles attract reader comments such as "software patents are bad" that "trip on hurdles" (1), (2) and (3), but the signal coming from Joe Mullin is worth that noise.

Here are links to Mr. Mullin's recent articles:

Jury finds patent on "look and feel" for online stores valid, infringed - Two defendants will pay much less than the plaintiff asked for $750,000 each

In Texas, an e-commerce pioneer fights patent on "look and feel" of websites - Digital River tells patent troll: we beat you by two years

Do it "on the Internet," get a patent, sue an industry-- it still works - At Texas trial, a defunct dot-com wrangles royalties from a swatch of e-commerce

Pioneering patent troll seeks Supreme Court's ear, and a cool $12 million

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