Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oracle v. Google - Copyright & Patent Trial - Days 6 - 9

Let's return to the "second happiest place" on earth: the Oracle v. Google trial. FOSS Patents here and Groklaw here continue to give detailed coverage of the trial, but each has a favorite: Groklaw is an unabashed Google cheerleader and seems at times to gush over Google's trial lawyer Mr. Van Nest plus sometimes not report unfavorable developments, while FOSS Patents falls into highly detailed analysis with at times speculation that leads to the same conclusion each time: Oracle deserves to win.

Recently, Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents disclosed he is consulting with Oracle in the future. Some of Groklaw's commenters were so unhappy about Mr. Mueller's disclosed conflict of interest they insisted he not post on this trial. I think the real reason is Mr. Mueller disagrees with their views.

Thus, we have some interesting articles on days 6 - 9 of the Oracle v. Google trial:

Day 6 (April 23rd):

Oracle Java patent rises like Phoenix from the ashes, can still be asserted at trial - FOSS Patents

Oracle asks court to clear up potential confusion over Apache license and Apache Harmony project - FOSS Patents

Week 2, Day 6 of Oracle v. Google ~ pj - Updated 2Xs - Groklaw

Day 7 (April 24th):

Google's Andy Rubin dodges David Boies' bullets - CNET

Copyrightability of Java APIs would be consistent with law and practice, not a 'substantial departure' for industry - FOSS Patents

Week 2, Day 7 at the Oracle v. Google Trial ~ pj - Updated 5X - Groklaw

Day 8 (April 25th):

Judge plans to inform jury that structure, sequence and organization of Java APIs are copyrightable - FOSS Patents

Oracle 'intends to assert [revived] patent in Phase Two', asks court to confirm -- Google opposes - FOSS Patents

Judge denies assertion of revived Oracle patent but Google still needs to take a license to it - FOSS Patents

Oracle v. Google - Day 8 Filings; Google (Potentially) Blows the Door Off Oracle's Copyright Claims - Updated with text document - Groklaw

Day 9 (April 26th):

Former Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz says Google's Android didn't need license for Java APIs - CNET

Open-sourcing of Java and API copyrightability are entirely unrelated issues - FOSS Patents

Day 9 at the Oracle v. Google Trial ~ pj - Updated 5Xs - Groklaw

Trial: Former Sun CEO gets into catty fight with Oracle lawyer - ZDNet

Oracle tries to rebound with help from Sun co-founder (Scott McNealy) - ZDNet

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