Friday, April 13, 2012

Apple's Former Chief Patent Counsel Chip Lutton Named General Counsel of Nest Labs

Today, Nest Labs announced Chip Lutton (former Apple patent chief) joined as general counsel. Mr. Lutton's arrival appears timely as Honeywell sued Nest Labs for patent infringement in February 2012. Because Mr. Lutton did a good job for Apple last decade, I became curious. Who is Nest Labs? I visited its web site here. Looks like an amazing collection of talent from Apple, Google, Logitech, and Microsoft making beautiful and smart digital energy efficient thermostats. Sure, it's a mudane topic, but as an owner of a big (drafty) house I am interested in reducing the PG&E bill.

I hope Nest Labs comes out on top in the patent litigation as my Honeywell thermostat is lousy. I would love to find out it makes sense to buy a Nest Labs thermostat. They look fantastic and who wouldn't like saving on the next PG&E bill.

For further details see the New York Times (blog) Apple's Former Patent Chief Joins Nest Labs

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