Sunday, March 4, 2012

Apple Waterproofing the iPhone?

I realized how much I loved my iPhone the day it got wet. I felt stupid as it failed to turn on, but then thought surely this has happened to others let's Google how to dry it. I got it dry but ... it still didn't work. No surprise on this as I grew up in my Dad's electronic shop. Later driving to the AT&T store I partly convinced myself it was "broken" anyway as it had a mere 16 GB of memory and a decent music collection requires at least 32 GB.

So this article Patently Flash: Will the iPhone ever be Waterproof? caught my attention tonight. Framed in terms only a geek would love, US Application No. 2012/0048589 A2, Inhibiting Moisture Intrusion in a Very Small Form Factor Consumer Electronic Product reveals Apple has invented a package for waterproofing an iPod shuffle which can be applied to other devices ... to the iPhone.

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