Tuesday, February 17, 2015

USPTO - Emod Idea Scale - Comments on Electronic Business Center (EBC)

Nearly everything at the USPTO is online today so our experience good or bad depends on the website interface. Apparently, the USPTO is aware of this and has recently upgraded the website, which so far is in my experience better. If you see things that could be better, I suggest visiting the USPTO e-commerce modernization project which has comments on what users find difficult, unexplainable, and think might improve the electronic business center (EBC).

I think this e-commerce modernization page is buried from the public view given the scale of the USPTO's web site. If the USPTO wants more user input, it should extend the ability to enter comments (yes it will need spam filtering) on the pages where the users go. Perhaps some tracking can be used to see where people are puzzled or having to work around issues so the USPTO can improve something many use regularly.

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