Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Intel Buying InterDigital's Wireless Patents for $375 Million

Intel plans to spend $375 million to buy InterDigital's wireless patent portfolio of about 1700 wireless patents and applications. Professor Crouch notes below that InterDigital's stock price immediately jumped 28% on news of the purchase. The $260 million increase in InterDigital's valuation shows before the sale the patents were only valued at $115 million suggesting valuation of US patents in the mobile computing space can be an imprecise science. Here are several articles with details:

Selling Patents - Patently-O

Interdigital sells tech wireless-technology patents, applications to Intel - Philadelphia Inquirer

Intel to buy InterDigital patents for $375 million - Reuters

Intel Buys Wireless Patents From Interdigital for $375 Million - PC World

InterDigital sells wireless patents to Intel for $375 m- ZDNet (blog)

Intel spends $375 million on cache of InterDigital patents- San Mercury News

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