Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oracle v. Google - Jury Rules No Patent Infringement

Yesterday, I read about the jury's struggle to understand the patent claims and how they apply to the Android software. For details see CNET's Oracle-Google jury stymied by more technical questions.

Today, I read the jury found no infringement. It is difficult to assess how much complexity led to this result, but whatever occurred non-infringement tends to be a potent defense. For details see Ars technica's Oracle v. Google: no patent infringement found and CNET's Jury verdict: Android doesn't infringe Oracle's patents.

Also see FOSS Patents Jury doesn't find Google to infringe two Oracle patents -- but the litigation is far from over for ramifications and a copy of the patent verdict.

Further, see Ars technica's Oracle v. Google jury foreman reveals: Oracle wasn't even close and Oracle poured millions into failed patent trial, but will fight on.

Thanks to Alan Cooper for emailing: CNNMoney Google vanquishes Oracle in Android patent fight.It's a nice summary of the case, but the title is hyperbole.

Finally, see Google Scores Victory in Battle with Oracle.

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