Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two Different Views - Why Investors Are Focused on Patents

Well here's two articles giving disparate views of patent deals today:

In Patent-Palooza: Why Investors Are Suddenly Focused on IP, Paul Ryan, President and CEO of Acacia Research, argues corporations need for profit is driving the recent patent deals. Patent rich companies are simply selling their under-leveraged patents to non-practicing entities such as Acacia Research that assert them against other companies.

In Crushed innovation: When patent lawyers switch to NPEs, Ruth Suehle, writer in Brand Communications + Design at Red Hat, decries patent litigators, John Desmarais and Matt Powers, switching from corporate patent defense to represent non-practicing entities against corporations. Ruth asks, "Could the sordidness of a business based on bringing patent lawsuits be outweighed by large amounts of cash?" It's not clear to me, why they are engaged in a sordid business. Is going to court to enforce patent rights and seek damages for infringement a sordid business per se or does it simply cross the open source "party line?" 

Thanks to Alan Cooper for Ruth's article. 

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